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Steel Armor and Operation Star mod tutorial

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Bydlisko: Newyork

PríspevokZaslal: 05. Dec 2017 7:09    Predmet: Steel Armor and Operation Star mod tutorial Odpovedať s citátom


Alright, before I begin, I'm assuming you've already figured out a few things. This tutorial is for putting the stuff you've created/edited into the game. Taking the files out and editing them is fairly easy, and I'm assuming you can do this without my talk-in-a-circle-and-use-big-pictures manner.

Once you've finished editing whatever you're going to edit, save the files and then use the "dds2atf" file in the mods folder to re-convert it to a format that the game can read. This is only done for visual things like textures and such. If you want to edit the in-game names or text files, you'll have to use the .txt converter, as well as the .config converter for files that mess with balances in the game.

Once you've done that for all the files you want, place them in a new folder in the (main steel armor/APOS directory)/users folder. It doesn't matter where they came from (.flatdata wise. they must all be from the same "shared" "loc_eng" or "loc_ger" folder) or that they're all the same file type, they just have to be in the same folder.

For more details:

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