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Map restrictions limit break out.

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Bydlisko: Newyork

PríspevokZaslal: 05. Dec 2017 7:12    Predmet: Map restrictions limit break out. Odpovedať s citátom


While playing the scenario in which the German 320th ID is surrounded I attempted to have 3 surrounded platoons break out to the west, in the direction of the LSSAH. I did this on the tac 3D map. I reasoned why wait in the foxholes for certain destruction by overwhelming force. An attempted breakout would possibly allow at least some to make it out. The withdrawal option was not viable because the map grid was surrounded by enemy squares on the operational map.

I selected a gap between enemy contacts, left some poor sods as a rear guard and set the rest off across country. Alas I only got half way to the map edge when I discovered I couldn't move them any further.

This seems like too artificial a restriction. The objective was to break out, not to be locked into a particular map grid to fight to the death. I can understand there being a certain map grid generated for a particular battle but if my troops reach the edge of the tac map the battle should end at that point and the units should appear on the adjacent map grid on the operational map.

For more details:

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