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Isn't There a Better Way for Glyph Codes?

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Autor Správa

Bydlisko: Newyork

PríspevokZaslal: 05. Dec 2017 7:10    Predmet: Isn't There a Better Way for Glyph Codes? Odpovedať s citátom


So it seems like every time a smaller Youtuber I follow gets glyph codes, they only get a bunch of the one-time use ones. And it just really sucks for a lot of reasons:

Trying to find a valid code results in an IP ban for trying out every single one. That's just bad design right there
All the codes are gone within minutes. It's essentially promoting people to come and claim the codes without actually watching the video or destroying the experience of that video
Having a video show up while you're a work, school, sleeping, or even generally away from your computer means you won't get to redeem it in time, and there's no sure way to get your hands on a code unless you happen to stay at your computer 24/7
It shouldn't be that hard to have an infinite number of codes. It's digital, and the glyph is already in the game, so people should be able to show off their pride of being a follower of that Youtuber without having to no-life competition for one
Giving away the free universal glyphs won't stop people from buying deluxe glyphs if they want to. I mean, just look a mine, bought it because I though it was cool, even after redeeming all the free glyphs that were released with PoE

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Industrial teaser trailer
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