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Would I Be Happier on RP Server?

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Bydlisko: Newyork

PríspevokZaslal: 07. Dec 2017 9:28    Predmet: Would I Be Happier on RP Server? Odpovedať s citátom


I’ve been really unhappy with the guilds I’ve belonged to in recent years. None of them have any girls. None of them care about lore, transmog, mounts, or pets. There’s a lot of joking about politics, sexuality, gender. A little is fine, but it’s all people talk about. That’s if they do talk. Most are too quiet, not chatty or friendly. I get trolled a lot. Especially when I ask a question because I don’t understand something.

My biggest problem though is what I call “the Method mentality.” These guilds all think they’re the next Method and they take raiding “seriously” when in reality, most of the players are average just like me. This results in a lot of blaming, yelling, and ripping on new players. Pretending you’re superior is a lit more important to these guys, yes most are male, than teaching new players or creating a sense of community. So yeah, I wrote a book above to ask if it’s better on RP servers? I’ve never roleplayed in a game, but if it means people come before your gear score I’m willing to give it a chance.

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