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Purchased Items haven't gotten

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Bydlisko: Newyork

PríspevokZaslal: 12. Dec 2017 6:09    Predmet: Purchased Items haven't gotten Odpovedať s citátom


The title doesn't sound right does it? I agree. But last night I swapped over cards I use to buy items. I brought the level pack (with all the potions + rubies) 3 times, well tried to but I haven't received any of the items, and it's put the transaction through 4 times, even though it says pending. I'm worried that it'll take awhile to accept and the said package I brought will no longer be out for purchase. Even though what I normally pay with goes through straight away. Will I still receive the 3 packages, and will I get refunded one set of money since it's taken 4 lots of 68.99 out. I've emailed support but they're very slow at getting back. They just recently replied to me about my first ticket from nearly close to a week ago.

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